Wong Bing Hao Plattform: Coiling, Camouflage, Contingency   Landmark  Foredrag

A talk by Wong Bing Hao in connection with Sandra Mujinga´s exhibition "SONW – Shadow of New Worlds".

Free and open for all!

Wong Bing Hao is a writer and mediator based in Singapore. Through research-driven texts, they engage critically and personally with artists and their practices, and attempt to formulate new vocabularies that gesture toward representational accountability. They write for Frieze and Leap. Currently, they are editing a series of online publications (Indifferent Idols 2018, nominal bliss 2019, and two more forthcoming in 2020-21) that aims to generate new research trajectories and communities around contemporary artists of non-binary and trans experiences. Also planned are a series of accompanying public programs that will comprehensively disseminate the published material. They are invested in collaborations with cultural practitioners from diverse backgrounds in the hope of producing specific communities dedicated to ethical and expansive artistic practice.

Plattform is Bergen Kunsthall’s series of lectures and debates. This season, the series hosts talks and conversations with artists, writers and scholars in connection with the solo exhibition by Sandra Mujinga and in relation to wider contemporary discussions.

Plattform events are video-streamed live at kunsthall.no, Vimeo and Facebook.

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