Bergen Improstorband Landmark  Klubb

Bergen Impro Storband will use some of John Stevens devised staring points for the improvisations at Landmark this evening.
"Being in tune, as close as possible, with all the people that are around you and at the same time contributing within that and never contributing to the extent that you couldn’t hear what the other people were saying. So nothing you had to say was more important than an awareness of the whole. A group of people doing that together have a real feeling of: ‘This is it!’ And it doesn’t matter what it sounds like. You’re listening to the interaction and that’s what you’re giving over to other people" (John Stevens)

John Stevens was an English drummer (1940 - 1994). He was one of the most significant figures in early free improvisation, and a founding member of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble.

Stevens devised a number of basic starting points for improvisation. These were not "compositions" as such, but rather a means of getting improvisational activity started, which could then go off in any direction.

Want to join in playing ? bring your instrument to Landmark where we rehearse from 19.00 - 21.00. No preparation needed. Concert starts at 22.00

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