The Ultimate Yarnwork: screening   Landmark  Klubb

Amanda Beech’s video work Falk, and audio and video materials generated during the Urbanomic residency
Robin Mackay and Paul Chaney, the guests of Bergen Kunsthall´s residency program Upstairs, will show Amanda Beech’s video work Falk, made on residency in Stavanger in 2006, and dealing with questions of knowledge and power, conspiracy and agency, along with some audio and video materials generated during the Urbanomic residency.

Urbanomic is a publisher and arts organization based in the UK that engages in interdisciplinary thinking and production.
For the residency at Bergen Kunsthall (January 27 – February 7, 2015), director Robin Mackay works in collaboration with artist Paul Chaney and others to develop a research programme that overthrows the notion of ‘site-specificity’ in favour of the concept of ‘plot’ and draws upon the idea of the relationship between philosophy and the detective story.

Check Urbanomic's micro-blog documenting the residency for updates, writings, images of work in progress, and, during the residency, the Yarncast - a series of audio podcasts in which Urbanomic will be talking to an exciting range of people working in crime writing, law, forensics, theatre, design, and more: http://blog.urbanomic.com/yarnwork/

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