Nils Bech Echo   Sal I - IV  Performance, Konsert

Velkommen til en unik konsert-performance i Kunsthallens saler. Nils Bech vil presentere sanger fra sitt prisvinnende album «Echo» (DFA/Fysisk Format), i samspill med nye skulpturelle verk av Ida Ekblad.

Arrangementet er utsolgt!

Mer informasjon:

Nils Bech and Ida Ekblad have been collaborating artistically for over a decade.

Nils Bech: 'In my performance-concert 'Echo' I want to interact with artwork that carry eerily human qualities - as placeholder for the storyteller, the lover, the object. When using the artwork as a conversation partner - or as stand-in for the person for whom the song was written, the mirroring opens another dialogue, representing the often conflicted ways of communication that is also at the core of my album, Echo.’

Nils Bech
Nils Bech is a Norwegian singer and performance artist who explores the tensions between art and dance, contemporary music and pop music. He is renown for his other-worldly vocals, his combination of classical arrangements and traditional popular song structures, as well as high-concept live performances. Nils has performed at The 54th Venice Biennale, New Museum, and the Roskilde Festival among others.

Ida Ekblad
Ida Ekblad's artistic practice incorporates painting, sculpture, performance, filmmaking as well as poetry. Her works transmit a distinct vibrancy and spontaneity, created through the energetic movement of her compositions, the bold application of colour and the attentive use of found materials. Ekblad's expressive paintings often depict winding and twisted lines, some indicate human-like figures, others resemble landscapes. The forms and gestures found in her work derive from a wide variety of inspirations and art historical references, such as CoBrA, Situationism and Abstract Expressionism but also pop cultural aesthetics like graffiti or cartoon that indicate Ekblad's genre-crossing approach. (www.maxhetzler.com/)

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