Konsept X : Launch Party   Landmark  Klubb

Konsept X is launching a new music collective 16 september at Landmark Bergen. A group of creative people have been working on an idea - a new project, that we hope will contribute to diversity in the music and culture scene in Bergen.

CC: 100 kr / 20 years

Konsept [X] have invited creative artists to fulfill the launching of the project. First, some of Konsept [X]'s very own DJs will set the mood, before Tarik gives us a taste of his unique sound. Finally, the talented DJ and co-founder of KOSO collective, Soldal will enter the stage.

If you enjoy music and a creative atmosphere, you should come and check us out at Landmark.

Soldal is a Norwegian DJ, raised in the town of blues and black metal. She's been DJ-ing more than a hundred gigs on some of the most influential venues in Norway, as well as gigs in Copenhagen, Paris and Berlin. As a DJ she is known for her connection with the crowd while playing rhythmic house and bass driven music. Soldal is co-founder of KOSO and the club concept KOSO CLUB. She has played alongside artists like Zora Jones, MikeQ, Total Freedom, Kingdom, SVANI, Ida Dillan, Purpurrpurple, Slick Shoota Bill Kouglas, Zakmatic, Ballo, Christine Dancke (Hoetell), Hi Tom (Rytmeklubben) and made clubbing mixes for Rinse France, Hotel Paris to mention a few.

AL Tariq aka DJ ILL/Syk Tarik is a promising producer and DJ based in Stockholm/Bergen. He has worked together with Drippin, both on music and the club concept MiNT GREEN LEAN. What can be said about ill Tariq? The mysterious man has remained a true enigma in the dance music blogosphere. First discovered for his new-found blend of droning dance synths, heady Bass, and Trap, he is also busy doing remixes. You might not be quite sure how to dance to it, but it most certainly needs to be played in clubs.


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