Playdate: Myhre & Ólafsson // Lars Ove Stene Fossheim   Landmark  Konsert

Endelig får vi besøk av den kritikerroste duoen Jo Berger Myhre og Ólafur Björn Ólafsson! Og vi gleder oss til å høre hva den oppfinnsomme gitaristen Lars Ove Stene Fossheim, kjent fra bl.a. Broen, Skadedyr og Snøskred finner på i soloformatet!

CC: 100/50
Doors 20:00
Concert 21:00

Myhre & Ólafsson
Norwegian bass player Jo Berger Myhre (Nils Petter Molvær, Splashgirl, Susanna, Mariam the Believer) and Icelandic drummer/keyboarist Ólafur Björn Ólafsson (Sigur Rós, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Skúli Sverrisson) teams up for time-stopping instrumental music.

Their first album titled «The Third Script» was released on Hubro in June 2017. Silently, it found it´s way to the hearts of critics, audiences and musical peers alike, resulting in wonderful reviews, an invitation to Nordur and Nidur festival curated by Sigur Rós, worldwide radio airplay and a nomination for the Norwegian Grammy Award, in the open category

Lars Ove Stene Fossheim
Lars Ove Stene Fossheim is a unique guitar player known from bands such as Broen, Skadedyr and Snøskred. Often heard playing frenetically guitar solos with wiggling feet and hips and a kind of funky Andrian Belew inspired lick lurking in the background. His musical background is as diverse and colorful as the bands mentioned and he carries a great love for British folk-guitarists from the 70’s, Michael Jackson, text based compositions, Norwegian Black Metal from the 90’s, Eivind Mo and Tetuzi Akiyama as well as graphic scores and Beastie Boys. All this and more are shoved into the music of the bands he is a part of. The idea of a “solo guitar project” has been lurking in the back of Lars Ove’s head for a long time, and now it is time to put the idea into life.

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