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Mediaverkstedet i Bergen invites:
Presentation Miro Soares // Filmscreenings Pocket Film Festival, Paris.

The arrangement with Miro Soares is dedicated to a mostly documentary approach of films created with cell phones. A short panorama of recent productions will give an idea on how this aesthetic of mobility reveals a critical and poetic look on everyday situations.
What does a mobile phone equipped with a video camera offer to cinema and contemporary art?
What kind of work has been created on mobile devices and what are the issues related to it?

Work presentation Miro Soares: Imprecise Itineraries #1
– First impressions of a city (Bergen, 2009)

Film screening, selected films of the 2008/09 edition: Pocket Films Festival.
– Forum des Images, Paris.

Miro Soares holds a master degree in fine arts and digital media, University of Paris 1. As visual artist and filmmaker Soares has been exploring the concept of art in context. Most of his works are devoted to mobility and traveling.

Supported by AiR, the residency program for int. artists
of Bergen Kommune, Soares had a work periode at USF-Verftet earlier this year. In a collaboration of Mediaverkstedet and Bergenhus og Årstad kulturkontoret Soares holds a 4-days-video-workshop for youth during autumn school holidays. For info contact:

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