BOREALIS / UTMARK   Landmark  Klubb

L’Ocelle Mare, Tatsuya Nakatani, Pierre Bastien & Phonophani
Borealis event at Landmark in collaboration with Utmark, Bergen Kunsthall
(free with day pass / festival pass)

22:00 – Thomas Bonvalet
Ten short terse compositions written and performed by Thomas Bonvalet, whose solo project, L’Ocelle Mare features him performing on six-string banjo, harmonicas, harmonica reeds (beaten & blowed), mouth organ, tuning forks, plectrum of dried poppy, microphone, feet tapping and metronome.

23:00 – Tatsuya Nakatani
Tatsuya Nakatani, from Osaka, Japan has created a totally unique sound, defying category or genre, utilizing drum set, bowed gongs, cymbals, singing bowls and metal objects.

24:00 – Pierre Bastien & Phonophani (Espen Sommer Eide)
NEW TOOLS FOR A NEW SOUND: Bastien & Sommer Eide’s instruments and machines cannot be found in a music shop. They don’t hide in a steel case labeled by a top Japanese brand. The instruments and mechanisms are made personally with a screwdriver and soldering iron in their studios in Bergen and Rotterdam.

DJ’s: Utmark Soundsystem

Utmark er Bergen Kunsthalls egen konsertserie på Landmark
Utmark er støttet av Norsk Kulturråd

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