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BEASTONLEASH.BIZ Presents: H00DUMENTARY + Ilja Karilampi & Siq Tariq
+ Ilja Karilampi & Siq Tariq
Dj h00dumentary (DE) is known for his innovative sets and classic edits. Expect a westcoast dance dance dance vision somewhere between ASAP Yams, Masters At Work, Future Hendrix, and Frankfurt countryside whistleblower house, that you listen to in your car on the way to the s-bahn train, waiting to pop open that small whiskey bottle while getting your tickets checked and meeting up downtown with your friends from Sierra Leone who picks you up in another car, and suddenly you eagerly stand before the entrance of the club

support by Ilja Karilampi (Göteborg) and Tariq (Bergen):
If the world was to end tomorrow, and in the film about it, a mystic tribe with black fishnet vests and nuked New Era-caps lived in a forest with only one CD player with the collected back catalogue of the whole UK Garage genre and all of Justin Timberlakes records, this is how it would sound like when they prayed to their god in the shape of a huge instrumental rap group


80 kr

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