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Fine Art Union / Zackary Drucker / Eivind Egeland / Jumana Manna
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Fine Art Union is a performance collaboration between Synnøve G. Wetten (NO) and Annette Stav Johanssen (NO, established in 2006. Their work has been shown at Human Resources (LA), Wildness Silverplatter (LA), Wight biennial (LA), Or gallery (Berlin), Hannover Kunstverein (DE), St.Michael (Eppan/IT), SørlandetsKunstmuseum, Black Box Teater (Oslo), Kurant (Tromsø.)

Monument Resurrection
10 min
Monument Resurrection was shot in the desert, Joshua Tree, CA.Future primitives characters dressed in fur are exploring the desert landscape investigating body and language through Dadaistic rituals. In the scenario the stones becomes association of capitalistic property and a paranoid behavior is tense.
FINE ART UNION , "This is what we saw. Now the dealer wants it raw" - Fine Art Union, LA- Sept.30-2008


Zackary Drucker holds an MFA from the California Institute of the Arts (2007) and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts (2005). She has performed and exhibited her work in venues including the 54th Venice Biennale; Curtat Tunnel, Lausanne, Switzerland; L.u.c.c.a. Center for Contemporary Art, Lucca, IT; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; and the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles. Drawing from a feminist and queer theoretical discourse, Drucker’s work addresses sexual exploitation, transgender representation, and drag performance in order to explore relationships that facilitate queer/countercultural lineage.

7:45 min
Filmed at the peak of autumn foliage in a rural Midwestern US locale, this non-narrative collaboration posits beauty and fear as inextricable from the psyche of the American landscape. Contemplative moments and stunning vistas are jarringly punctuated with the vocabularies of witch-hunts, hate crimes and psychological violence.


Eivind Egeland born 1091 in Stavanger, Norway. Egeland was educated with a Bachelor of Fine Art at Bergen National Academy of the Arts. Prior to that he studied art history at the University of Stavanger, and photography at Oslo Fotokunstskole. Eivind is a member of the artists collective Gruppe 11 and recent shows include “Fluktforsøk” at Knipsu, Bergen, “Undertoner” at Wizard, Oslo, "One Night Only" at UKS, Oslo, and “Følgene”at Bergen Kjøtt.

19:00 min
Two young bodybuilders who both have a history of violence are portrayed in the area where
they live with their parents, a suburban landscape outside of Stavanger, a small town on the
southwest coast of Norway. The documentary raises the question whether there is a collision
when the Christian culture they grew up with meet the youth culture that they now represent,
which includes steroids, drugs and violence.


Jumana Manna b.1987 in Princeton, New Jersey. Manna was educated in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, The National Academy of Arts Oslo, and CalArts in the Aesthetics and Politics program. Recent shows include Concorde, Los Angeles; Film Lincoln Center, NY, Vox Populli, Philadelphia, Gallery D.O.R Brussels, Kunsthall Charlottenburg, Copenhagen, Kalmar Konstmuseum, SE and Petach Tikva Museum, IL, Upcoming shows include Kunsthall Oslo, UKS and CRG gallery, NY.

22:00 min
The Umpire Whisper's is an exploration of the intimacy that arises between a swimming coach and his athlete. In the film, the swimmer returns to meet her coach five years after having quit competitive swimming at the Wingate institute of Sport during the national championships, where her last and final meet took place. The swimmer, now artists requests to recreate a recurring situation between the two, in which she give her massage and she massages him in return and thereafter discuss her performance as a swimmer, her difficulties and her character.


After School Special is a series of one-night-events with the intention of presenting emerging contemporary artists. Based in Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall and curated by the artist Marthe Elise Stramrud.

Website: http://afterschooolspecial.tumblr.com/

After School Special is sponsored by Norsk Kulturråd and Bergen Kommune.

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