Special Exhibition Tour with John Birks   Kunsthallen  Guided Tour

For this special Sunday exhibition tour Bergen Kunsthall will be guested by John Birks, Professor Emeritus at Bergen University, department of Biology Science.

On this occasion we will focus especially on one of the three slideshows, "Stereoscopic slide show from the Whitehouse collection (mosses and field trips)" (2014) presented in Andrea Büttners exhibition Shepherds and Kings. In a conversation between educator Åsne Eldøy and John Birks will we have a closer look on the history and Harry and Pat Witehouse, the fascination of mosses and it’s botanical characteristics and the moss-covered stones presented in the gallery, and their role in the exhibition.

Beside being an expert on vegetational history and environmental change, John Birks’s interests in mosses led to a lifelong friendship with the Whitehouse couple during his student years at Cambridge, where he participation in the weekly moss excursions for students and partakers of The Moss Society. In Andrea Büttners exhibition, the artist is showing selected stereoscopic photographs and parts of the archive after the Henry and Pat Withehouse, together with a local variety of her many moss gardens.

John Birks is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Biological Sciences in Bergen. His major research interests are vegetational history and environmental change over the last 13000 years. This involves analysing pollen and spores preserved in lake sediments. His study areas include Norway, Sweden, UK, Minnesota, Yukon, and Tibet.

He has a wide range of other botanical interests including expeditions to see alpine plants worldwide; plant photography; ferns; and mosses. Besides botany, his other major interests include early music and espionage literature.

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