LOW + Jessica Pratt Perfect Sounds Forever presents: LOW (US) + Jessica Pratt (US)   Landmark  Concert

Doors open: 8:00 p.m.
Concert Start: 8:45 p.m

For the first time the Minnesota-band LOW arrives Bergen after kept going for over 20 years! At same evening Jessica Pratt will give us magical melodies with her unique voice!

Since LOW etablished the band they have given magical albums "Things We Lost In The Fire" (2001), "Drums And Guns" (2007), "C'mon" (2011) and the Christmas classic "Christmas" (1999). Their latest release, "The Invisible Way" from 2013 shows that they are still supplying quality at the highest level!

Front figur Alan Sparhawk says that the album was realized when the band took a short visit back to Wilco's studio in Chicago. The plan was laid and was a suitable for The Invisible Way. Jeff Tweedy has even been a musician and frontman for Wilco in nearly 25 years, but this time, together with Grammy-winner Tom Schinck, they was placed in the control-room as a producer. Which constituted small, but nevertheless crucial differences for what LOW has started in these days.

The band's mantra has always been to play quiet and occasionally melancholic and as they lowly say, its beautiful music which applies also this time. Mimi Parker has the vowels in more of the songs than before, it is much piano. Very much piano and the new album is about intimacy, drug war, good old-fashioned war, archeology and love.

In 2007 Jessica Pratt played in a variety of acoustic folk-songs that five years later would become her debut album. The album are released at Tim Presley from White Fence record label, which he started in the sole purpose of giving out Jessica's music. Earlier this year, Pratt published her second album "On Your Own Love Again," a critically acclaimed album, reminiscent of some of the music history's most beloved artists. In the tradition of Vashti Bunyan and Joan Baez finds Jessica Pratt a calmness and an expression that really suits her voice, guitar and lyrics. Pratt have a eminent finger-picking and the vocals works well in "On Your Own Love Again" . This album are going to be one of the year's best album when year 2015 are summarized!

After concerts in Europe this spring who all was sold-out, plays Jessica Pratt his first concert in Norway organized by Perfect Sounds Forever at Landmark. Along with Low will be an evening of melancholy in focus!

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