Anna-Bella Papp & Martin Clark Plattform   Upstairs  Artist Talk

Romanian artist Anna-Bella Papp in conversation with Martin Clark, on the occasion of Papp's exhibition in our NO.5 gallery.

Romanian artist Anna-Bella Papp’s recent sculptural works consist of the same repeated components; each is made by hand in unfired clay, each is approximately the same size (the size of a sheet of A4 paper), and they are invariably shown as a group, lying on a table or a pedestal so one can view them from above.

The small clay tablets appear on the face of it to be rigorously
minimalistic, produced according to these modest but strict sculptural resources. Within this restricted framework, though, there is nevertheless a wide range of formal possibilities, which Papp explores anew in each and every work. The sculptures exhibit innumerable formal variations, where even the smallest changes in volume, materiality, composition, colour and surface take on a defining meaning.

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