Lecture serie PLATFORM LANDMARK presents: SILBERKUPPE   Landmark  Club

Artist Talk with Dominic Eichler and Michel Ziegler.
At the Platform event on Friday march 5. Silberkuppe's cofounders Dominic Eichler and Michel Ziegler will speak about the exhibition 'Under One Umbrella' imagining themselves as walking wall texts and as an extension of an exhibition which has to do with barriers and borders, communication and miscommunication, art and time.

Live stream from the artist talk at 18:30

In the course of just under two years Silberkuppe has become one of Berlin’s most pulsating project spaces for contemporary art. The small gallery of 25 square metres is run by Dominic Eichler and Michel Ziegler, who have hosted a long succession of lectures, exhibitions, presentations, film showings, concerts and performances since May 2008 under the name Silberkuppe. Against the background of the widespread interest in and enthusiasm for Silberkuppe’s activities and its approach to the field of art, Eichler and Ziegler have been invited by several European art institutions to mount projects outside the gallery in Berlin. For Silberkuppe this has led to a ‘European tour’ that culminates and ends with a major exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall.

Free entrance.

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