Dronehenge Vol. IX MidsommerBlot   Landmark  Konsert

Salutations friends! The sun has finally decided to reach it's yearly apex and we're all postively enthused to let you know that we'll be doing another installment of your favourite night of hedonistic partymusic.

Billetter: 200,-

Merk: På grunn av de gjeldende begrensinger må alle forhåndsbestille billetter her. Begrenset kapasitet.

Back in the days of yore, the people of these lands used to invite all the cool people to a little sacrificial gathering called a Blót to celebrate the height of summer.

The legends speak of the great power inherent to this night where herbs will have special healing qualities and if you gather the flower named Silene dioica (Jonsokblomst) and sleep with it under your pillow on this magical night,
you might even get to know who you'll end up marrying.

Allthough our celebrations are a few weeks early, we found it fitting so as to overrule and take back this day of rites now celebrating the heretic called John The Babtist.

Instead of spraying blood all over the place, we've instead opted for sprinkling some concecrated fernet on the statues of our gods and on the walls of our Holyest of Temples, Landmark.

So put on your summer dresses or your other most colourful garments, make some wreathes of flowers for the band and join us in celebration Thursday the 24th of June at Landmark!

See you there!

Roster for the evening is as follows:
Daniel Thornhill: Guitar
Jonas Hamre: Saxophone
Bjørn Ognøy: Lap Steel
Christian Wiese: Guitar/Fauxrgan
Even Kjelby: Percussion
Ole Kristian Einarsen: Bass
Eirik Hunnes - Visuals

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