Borealis Closing Party!   Landmark  Klubb

Kaj Aune / Arnold Dreybatt / Bjørn Torske
Free with day pass / festival pass

21:30 – Kaj Aune
The work of Kaj Aune is applicable to both contemporary music and visual art. By combining visual and theatrical elements with sound and music, he creates his own language and method of storytelling. His works are often absurd, tragic and comical, with references to historic and everyday life scenarios. The reuse of already-existing material is also an important element in his work.

23:00 – Arnold Dreyblatt
A very special event involving Arnold Dreyblatt’s ecstatic sonic excursions. Centering around a live performance at Landmark, sounds from the concert will be dispersed throughout Bergen: vehicles and individuals moving through the city will stream the performance in real-time, simultaneously videoing their trips for live projection back into the performance space itself. This transmission and procession of sound & video further emphasises the emersive experience of Dreyblatt’s music.

24:00 – DJ Bjørn Torske

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