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Landmark / 26.september / 20.00 / https://perfectsounds.ticketco.no/

Alrite - Time for an update!

As some of you probably know, we spent last winter writing and rehearsing new music with our new drummer Tomas. A new band member always takes a bit of time to get used to for us old timers, but this has been smooth sailing and a focused, inspired process all the way.

So much so actually, that we - as we speak - have the best people we know on the job mixing our new album out there in Los Angeles, California! Dave and Noah are working their asses of to make this the best sounding Motorpsycho album ever, and I must say it seems pretty promising so far!

We recorded this album in White Buffalo Studios in Downtown L.A. and up at Rancho De La Luna in Joshua Tree over a three week period in March, and we seem to have captured both what we all know and love by now as ‘traditional' Motorpsychodelic music as well as something that feels new and exciting to us!

A new drummer, a new environment, a new production team … all these factors come into play in different ways when you record, and the results sound….well, “bloody wonderful” first of all, but also really fresh and inspired, and easily up to our old standards. Rest assured - you’re gonna dig this!

This album still needs a name, but it will be out in September and we will go on the road to play it for y’all starting in Norway in September and moving into Europe in October and November.

To sum up: life is good in the Psychoverse, and we’re all really stoked to be able to bring you such good news!

The mothership abides.

Bob LeBad, April ’17

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