Black Rhino's Debutante's Ball   Landmark  Klubb

Marking the debut of Black Rhino and our quest to conquer the world, we proudly invite you to attend The Debutante's Ball,Sunday 25 April at Landmark at 20:00.
Billetter: 40,-

We ask of you to dress accordingly, and show up early for photography in the lounge.

During the show, the Prom Queen will be announced and celebrated with a special prize, courtesy of the band.

The show starts at 21:00 precisely and will contain numerous special guests.

Be sure to attend! Don't miss it! It wouldn't be the same without you!

About the band:
Black Rhino is Daniel Thornhill's "new" band. With members Bjørn Helge Nerdal on bass and Vidar Ingvaldsen, the goal is to create wonderful, loud rock'n'roll full of romance, emotion and risk, in a time so modest and inhabitable.

This night will also celebrate the release of our myspace page and of our web page, containing fun infotainment for everyone, including videos and new songs.

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