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I forbindelse med avgangsutstillingen arrangerer masterstudentene et masterseminar på Bergen Kunsthall. Foredragsholdere er: Timothy D. Martin, Lotte Konow Lund, Olof Olsson og Arne Johan Vetlesen. Seminarleder er den koreanske kunstneren og kuratoren Jeuno JE Kim.
Who: Jeuno JE Kim, Timothy D. Martin, Lotte Konow Lund, Olof Olsson & Arne Johan Vetlesen
Place: Landmark
Date: 2nd of May
Time: 10:30 – 16:30
Lunch: Soup & bread!
Sign up at:
P.s: When signing up, let us know if you want lunch or not. The price will be around 100,- kr.
Deadline: 27th of April

The hostess for the day will be Jeuno JE Kim. She is born in South Korea, with master degrees both in fine arts and theological studies, now based in Malmö, Sweden, being an artist, lecturer, curator, teacher, writer and more.

Timothy D. Martin - an American Psychoanalyst and Art Historian and a Reader in Architecture and Cultural Theory at De Montfort University in Leichester, UK. He has studied Robert Smithson for the last 15 years and his writing has appeared in many books and professional journals including Third Text, The Journal of Culture and the Unconscious, British Journal of Psychotherapy, Haecceity Papers: Psychoanalysis and Space and Tate Papers.

Lotte Konow Lund – a Norwegian artist based in Oslo. She graduated from The National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo in 1997. Her work includes video, performance, installation and drawing. In addition to her own work, she´s been a board member of UKS, and is currently a board member of BONO, she also teaches at KHIO.

Olof Olsson - a product of the 1960´s emerging charter tourism; Swedish father and Dutch mother met in Mallorca. Born and raised in Sweden, has studied English, philosophy and art, and now lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark, doing art with focus on performance.

Arne Johan Vetlesen - teaches philosophy at the University of Oslo. Always with ethical questions in mind he has, in his books, entered a variety of topics such as climate changes, evil, freedom, pain, psychoanalasys, empathy -just to mention a few. And he might have written the next article you read in a newspaper, that makes you rethink a statement on a current political issue.

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