Hotel Edition After School Special   Landmark  Performance, Konsert, Film, Utstilling

After School invites you to Landmark for an evening of dwelling at our Edition Hotel.

For one night only we have built 6 separate chambres that lodge 9 artists.

Look out for performance, video, photo, sculptures, drawings, paintings, music and readings throughout la notte.

doors open: 21.00
performances from: 21.45
entrance: 40kr
Nice Prices!

Tore Winsents
Maria Pasenau
Joseph Geir
Johanna Balet Lettmayer
Maria Jacobson
Vilje Vestenfor
Joe Preston
Carolin Haentjes
Dj: Espen Iden

Curated by Hedda Grevle Ottesen

After School Special is kindly supported by Arts Council Norway and Bergen Municipality.

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