O Superman åpning: Nic Bullen live, DJs Fakethias & Jiska   Landmark  Performance, Utstilling, Åpning

Velkommen til en live performance med Nicholas Bullen i forbindelse med åpningen av “O Superman to Girls, Tricky…”. Etter performancen feirer vi åpningen med DJ-sets av Jiska Huizing & FAKETHIAS.

Gratis inngang!

20:00 – Utstillingsåpning
22:00 – Performance med Nicholas Bullen.
23:00 – Etterfest med DJs Jiska og FAKETHIAS.

Nicholas Bullen is an artist and composer based in Birmingham, England.
Using material that has personal associations, is close to hand, or is specific to an environment, he uses process to explore the transmutation of elements and their relationships to psychological perception and space.

His work is inter-disciplinary in approach and is developed across a range of media including sound, installation, film, performance, and text.

Nicholas has a history of musical composition spanning more than 38 years (including founding the group Napalm Death who created the grindcore genre of extreme music). During this period, his compositions have been made available on over 40 releases and he has produced performances of his work in art galleries, theatres, cinemas and through multichannel sound systems including Sonar, Unsound, Art Basel, Eco Madrid, Institute of Contemporary Arts, CBSO Centre and BEAST.

Works include sound installations on multichannel systems (Insula, 2012 and Three Elements, 2011) and using vinyl records (Immersions, 2006), sound documentation of performance actions (Openings: Call Unknown & Channel, 2001 - 2015), and a series of performance works for voice (including Breach, 2006 - ongoing) using the human voice as both material and medium for exploration.

Work has been presented internationally including Tate Britain, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Hayward Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, White Columns, Chisenhale Gallery, Arnolfini Gallery, Schirn Kunsthalle, Casino Luxembourg, Kunsthall Oslo, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond and Contemporary Art Spaces Tasmania.

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