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Perfect Sounds Forever presenterer:


Landmark / fre 6.oktober / 21.00 / https://perfectsounds.ticketco.no/

Ducktails is the recording name of New Jersey–based musician Matthew Mondanile (also former member of Real Estate), who took it on in 2008 as a student at Hampshire College, releasing a steady stream of acclaimed records on far-flung labels with album art by artists like Jan Anderzen. The project trafficks in the spaced-out pop songs one might pick up in out-of-the-way thrift stores or deep in bins of 1970s private-press records—it’s a casually sophisticated, genre-eluding pop ambiance. Mondanile shifts among numerous modes when performing, appearing alone with arrays of instruments or with a full-fledged band and guest singers. Domino released the fifth lp, «St. Catherine» in 2015. Mondanile tours abroad extensively, and has performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art and MoMA PS1. He will be touring in support of his new album Bonfire of the Vanities on guitar & electronics for this upcoming performance.

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