A voluptuary soirée After School Special   Landmark  Performance, Utstilling

Welcome to After School Special at Landmark

With performances and art works by:

De Naive


Louise Jacobs

Mekdes Shbeta

Kaare Ruud

Kristian Suvatne Augland
(who will also DJ for us)


doors open: 20.00
entrance: 40kr
Nice Prices!


A tangible soirée,
and the ubiquity of the voluptuary.

Welcome to a premature julaften impromptu or not

Traditions aside,
will this be the usual paragone of the one night only,
or will you help us by putting on the extra extravaganza?


Curated by Hedda Grevle Ottesen

After School Special is kindly supported by Arts Council Norway, Hordaland County Council and Bergen Municipality.

school never ends

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