After School Special U’dysTROPICAN PROM   Landmark  Utstilling, Performance, Video

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Afterschool Special cordially invites you to


Heidegger once wrote, that the ‘now’ is a composition of the past, present and future.

While we invite you to join us in the ‘now’, we can never escape the drama from the past and the awaiting of the potential utopia/dystopia of tomorrow. As it is commonly known, when you quote a philosopher you are offering something intellectually stimulating.
Add that to the devastating glamour of a prom…
Throw in a dash of tropicana…

Oh my..
We will offer a night where the world stands as still as possible, while we flourish in
the regrets of yesterday, the ecstasy of today, and the ‘what if’s of tomorrow.
Join us. Won’t you?

Special Guests
(in alphabetical order)

Cilla Leitao (DK)
Iben Isabell Krogsgaard (NO)
Lykourgos Porfyris (GR)
Magdalena Kotkowska (PL)
Sigrid Lerche (DK)
DJ cc cyborg (SCT/FR)
VJ WinDIEzel (NO/DK)

The night is curated by
Tine Gunvaldsen and Tine Adler

Supported by Bergen municipality

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