Amalie Stalheim Festspillene i Bergen   Gallery I - IV  Concert

Nordheim’s cello psalm without words surrounded by the Festival Exhibition.

Please Note: due to current restrictions all visitors need to sign up and pre-order tickets here. limited capacity.

In Bergen Kunsthall cellist Amalie Stalheim will perform Clamavi by Arne Nordheim (1931–2010), who would have been 90 years old this year. Inspired by Psalm 141, Lord, I cry unto thee: make haste unto me, the work was played at Nordheim's funeral.

Clamavi is the only piece Nordheim composed for solo cello. It has been described as a psalm without words; the cello sings as if it were a human, and requires both technical brilliance and great sensitivity on the part of the cellist.

One of the rising stars in the mentoring programme Crescendo, Amalie Stalheim has appeared at the Bergen International Festival on several occasions previously. In 2018 she won the prestigious Swedish solo competition Solistpriset. The jury's verdict was that 'her technical brilliance goes hand in hand with sensitivity and personal expression […] we hope she will grace world concert halls for many years to come and inspire new generations of young musicians.'

The concert takes place in Elisabeth Haarrs exhibition.

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