Utmark & Ny Musikk Bergen: O´Malley/Leandre & Duch   Landmark  Club

CC: 100,- (Free entrance for members of BKH and nyMusikk)
Doors open: 21.00
Concert start: 22.00

For the first concert of the season Utmark and Ny Musikk Bergen are bringing two artists from the Oslo All Ears Festival to Bergen.

Stephen O’Malley is an American musician, guitarist, composer and producer known from a number of bands and projects in experimen¬tal doom and metal music. He is one of the founders of the band Sunn O))), considered the foremost band in the so-called drone metal or death-doom genre. Over the past ten years, both with Sunn O))) and in a number of other bands and solo projects, O’Malley has explored the compositional and sonic potential of a highly physical, body-centred and spatial use of guitar-based noise and drones. Sunn O))) is at present in the news with its much talked-about collaboration with Scott Walker. The album Soused (2014) was one of last year’s definitive high points.
In O’Malley’s latest solo project he uses guitar, bass and a comprehensive array of guitar amplifiers and PA in a physically enveloping and overwhelming exploration of sound. O’Malley exploits the PA system’s response to the frequencies from the guitar amplifiers on stage to create an all-encompassing “wave pool of immersive physicality”.

The double-bassists Michael Duch and Joëlle Léandre explore the sonic potential of the bass through free improvisation. Joëlle Léandre is one of the dominant figures in new European music. She has trained in orchestral as well as modern music, and has played with l’Itineraire, 2e2m and Pierre Boulez’ Ensemble Intercontemporain. Joëlle Léandre has also worked with Merce Cunningham and John Cage (one of many composers who have composed especially for her). Michael Francis Duch is a double-bassist with a broad practice from jazz, rock, impro and contemporary music. He has issued over 30 releases and is active in a number of regular bands and ensembles such as Tilbury/Duch/Davies and Lemur. Duch is first assistant lecturer in the jazz programme at NTNU in Trondheim.

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