Makino Takashi and Rei Hayama Screening and performance   Landmark  Video, Film, Performance

Landmark is happy to present a screening and live performance with two of the world´s most prolific and adventurous filmmakers – Makino Takashi and Rei Hayama.
Born in 1978, Takashi is at the forefront of a new generation of Japanese experimental filmmakers. Takashi treats image and sound as elements of equal importance – working live with both 16mm and digital he merges immersive, layered abstract imagery with a soaring sound collage. His films’ sheer textural density and richness often veer close to sensory overload, but this is mitigated by Makino’s restrained use of colour – he regularly limits himself to a duotone palette, with black as the base – and by his balancing of abstraction with elements of recognisable forms, be they landscapes, weather patterns, and cellular or astral structures.
Makino has been cooperating with Machinefabriek, Lawrence English, Carl Stone, Hilary Jeffery, Gideon Kiers, Floris Vanhoof, Tara Jane O’Neil, Okkyung Lee, O’Rourke, and many others. He has participated in more than 30 international film festivals and video art festivals, with awards from Terayama Shuji Prize International and Film Festival Rotterdam. His work has recently been shown at Tate Modern, BFI London, and the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo.

Rei Hayama is a Japanese artist working mainly with moving images. Sensitive films of Rei Hayama fuse pictorial material with abstraction to explore duration, memory, sound, and stillness. Her works focus on the inter-relationship between humans and the ‘other’. Mysterious and mesmerizing, Hayama’s films summon unknown myths, unidentified countries and faceless, timeless characters. Among her artistic strategies she uses still images gathered from an old books of folklore, intertitles of Japanese and English and multiple re-photography to create her fascinating work. Rei concerns herself with "the things that have been lost or neglected from an anthropocentric view of the world" and seeks to bring invisible layers of the natural reality into the human imagination with her slow-moving meditative films.
Rei Hayama lives in Kanagawa, and participates in screenings and exhibitions at various film festivals, museums and galleries all over the world. In 2016, her work was screened at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Museum Of The Moving Image in New York), Tromsø International Film Festival, etc.


Makino Takashi
“EVE”, 2002, music by Makino Takashi. 3 min.
“Cinéma Concret”, 2015, music by Machinefabriek. 23 min.
“Space Noise 3D” - performance with 16mm film & HD video, live music by Makino Takashi. 16 min.

Rei Hayama
“Reportage!”, 2015, silent, 16mm film. 52sec.
“Inaudible footsteps”, 2015, video. 4,3min.
“Some Smallness Coming From Land”, 2015, video. 25min.

CC: 50,-
Free for members of Bergen Kunsthall and KMD students.

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