Poekhali! Landmark Takes Off! Poekhali! Landmark Takes Off!   Landmark  Concert, Club, Performance

Join us for Landmark´s adventurous one-night festival Poekhali!
With experimental concerts, screenings, performances, and DJ-sets filling all of Bergen Kunsthall’s galleries and spaces, Poekhali 2017 features:

+ Mini Art Book Fair

Poekhali! is arranged by Landmark in cooperation with Borealis - en festival for eksperimentell musikk, Ny Musikk Bergen, Playdate, Utmark, and Bergen Art Book Fair.

Doors open: 20.00.
First concert starts: 20.15.
CC: 200,-; 150,- for students.
Free for our members, students of KMD and BAS.

Born out of his travels through the many global currents of contemporary London, GAIKA’s music is dark yet melodic, experimental yet catchy. While drawing strongly from his Brixton upbringing and his Jamaican and Grenadian heritage, GAIKA’s sound is ultimately expansive, seamlessly weaving musical motifs, vocal flows and slangs of UK, US and Caribbean music. As both a vocalist and producer, GAIKA is as uncompromising in his politics as his sonics, intent on expanding and exploding the ideas of what contemporary black british music is. From his debut mixtape Machine in 2015 all the way to his Warp Records release Spaghetto, GAIKA is channeling the unique synthesis of the UK’s musical make-up, firmly at the forefront of a new London.

NÍDIA (PT/FR, presented by Utmark)
Nídia Minaj's "Danger” released on Príncipe in 2015, was an outstanding and powerful collection of tracks, her own fiercely distinct aesthetic voice, that made all sorts of year end lists, from NPR's 10 Favorite Electronic Albums of 2015 to Wire magazine's Top 50 Releases of 2015. "Her music is dazzling in all senses, a trance-inducing tangle of boxy drums, vivid swirls of synthetic melody and buzzsaw grime bass, all corralled into tracks that feel less like functional dancefloor units and more like short, sharp shocks of adrenaline,” wrote The Quietus Rory Gibb. Nídia released her debut album "Nídia é Má, Nídia é Fudida" June 30 on Príncipe, with Pitchfork review stating: "With her own strain of batida music, the Portuguese-born, Bordeaux-bred producer Nídia offers a debut album of mind-bending complexity".

Russell Haswell is a restlessly forward-thinking, genre-defying artist, performer and curator born in Coventry and currently based in London, England. With a background steeped in conceptual art, computer music, black metal, noise, techno, laser-graphics, free-stye and solo improvisation, his practice is renowned for broaching the extremities of visual and sonic arts. He’s performed in noted Live and or HDJ [hard disc jockey] collaborations with Aphex Twin, Gescom, DJ STINGRAY, PAIN JERK, Pan Sonic, Regis and Masami Akita (Merzbow), among others, and worked with Florian Hecker on Iannis Xenakis’ UPIC system in their “Haswell & Hecker” duo, whose ‘Blackest Ever Black’ (Warner Classics) LP is widely considered a milestone of modern electronic music composition. In 2016 Russell supported Autechre on a 30 date european tour, and started "Haswell studio Bleep store", to release HI-RES digital recordings quickly, and has currently completed a forthcoming release for Powell’s Diagonal Records, his 5th release for the label.

BRYAN JACOBS (US, presented by Borealis)
Composer, performer, and sound artist, Bryan Jacobs’ work focuses on interactions between live performers, mechanical instruments and computers. His pieces are often theatrical in nature, pitting blabber-mouthed fanciful showoffs against timid reluctants. The sounds are playfully organized and many times mimic patterns found in human dialogue. Hand-build electromechanical instruments controlled by microcontrollers bridge acoustic and electroacoutic sound worlds. These instruments live dual lives as time-based concert works and non-time-based gallery works. Jacobs, a Guggenheim Fellow, has been lucky enough to have his music and sound art presented at a number of festivals around the world. Bryan is the co-founder of Qubit and a member of Ensemble Pamplemousse.

NATACHA DIELS (US, presented by Borealis)
Natacha Diels’ work combines ritual, improvisation, and cynical play to create worlds of curiosity and unease. An accomplished composer and performer, Natacha’s unique musical approach continually constructs and deconstructs an extended performance practice through the engagement of theatre, video, animation, and other media with music. She is a founding member of the experimental music collective Ensemble Pamplemousse and co-founder of the performance duo On Structure.
With a focus on choreographed movement, traditional instrumental technique, and a wide array of DIY electronics, Natacha’s compositions have been described as “a fairy tale for a fractured world” (Music We Care About). Natacha will be composing a major new work to be premiered at Borealis - a festival for experimental music in March 2018.

Laura Cannell plays fiddle, overbowed fiddle, double recorders, sometimes percussion and other rarefied wind instruments. Drawing on ancient transcendental and earthly musics, her sense of space, dynamics and working with acoustics is highly attuned, often utilising a fragment from a medieval theme to her own end, embracing the apparitional, historical or the otherworldly. Laura’s style has evolved during her long journey as a self-taught musician, including performing in the renowned Horses Brawl duo and her Early Music church missions, all informing her current playing..Laura has released five albums to critical acclaim and was described as “A Virtuoso Magpie Musician” by The Times.

THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (NO, presented by nyMusikk Bergen)
The Holy Mountain (Andreas Angell and Aleksander Tidemann) is an utopian duo, contemplating the eternal nature of the universe and the isolated man. Influenced by artists like John Carpenter, Phillip Glass and Daft Punk, the band presents an audio-visual experience provided by a rather unusual instrumentation of accordion, synthesizers and drums. A four piece psychedelic experience, their album Toad of Light was released in winter 2017.

TURBOHALER (TK/NO, presented by Playdate)
Turbohaler is a duo with Eirik Havnes on guitar/efx and Utku Tavil on drums/efx, playing something extremely loud and fast, in a blend of improvised metal and noise. They are trying to play as hard as possible for as long as feasible, but they are actually not as hardcore as they think they are. They will arrive to Poekhali directly from a recording session for their new album, on a boat in Hamburg. So we might be lucky enough to hear, for the first time ever, some composed songs by Turbohaler – who knows…

New Mineral Collective (NMC) is a platform that explores the contemporary landscape and tries to understand the extent of human interaction with the earth’s surface. NMC infiltrates the existing global economic systems with acts of counter prospecting. These acts are realized through performances, films, and sculptures. Their work has been shown nationally and internationally, including SIART Bolivia International Art Biennial, Goteborg Kunsthall, and with Conflict: Artist ́s Film International Season 7, organized by the Whitechapel Gallery in London. Since 2015, the artists Emilija Skarnulyte & Tanya Busse run NMC.

Syk Tarik is a producer and DJ from Bergen, playing heavy RnB based club music.

Julie Silset is a Bergen based DJ, playing light sprinkling tunes and bass based sound with hypnotic tilt.

BERGEN ART BOOK FAIR will present a mini-fair for Poekhali at Moto. Local publishers, small workshops, and zine library!

*”Poekhali!” (Let´s Go!) – is a famous take-off phrase by the first man in space Yuri Gagarin pronounced on 12 April 1961.

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