Last guided tours of the exhibition "O, Superman to Girls, Tricky"   Gallery I - IV  Guided Tour

Don't miss the last guided tour this Sunday, 15 Oct, at 2 pm.
O Superman… presents a series of seminal vocal performances, artists, and audio/visual artworks, installed and enacted across all of the Kunsthall galleries and as part of a live programme in Landmark.

The voice as a material and concrete form can be bent or broken, much like clay, paint or steel, it is this materialness that when utilized in performance produces powerful and often disturbing affect. The voice in performance and as a material moves fluidly, occupying the spaces between existing structure and the architectures of bounded genre. It is the active agent that connects theater, music, and even dance; in short, voice overflows category, it is a binding material and a shuttling intensity that passes from body-to-body, from speaker to listener.

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