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In collaboration with Joachim Koester and Borealis we present an evening of live performances, exploring ideas of altered states and ritual present in Koester’s exhibition “Bringing Something Back”.

Tickets: 200,- / 150,-

To open the evening, a special lie-down concert, or ‘live meditation’ will be staged; drawing on Koester’s recent work with hypnagogic sound installations, summoning up physical sites entirely within the imagination, lulling participants into becoming one with an artistic yet utterly unseen world. Based on new texts by Koester the meditation will be lead by New York based hypnotherapist Shauna Cummins, with live music from Bergen based musician Craig Wells.

There are limited places for the meditation – sign up after you’ve bought your event ticket!

In collaboration with Danish artist Joachim Koester, Borealis and Bergen Kunsthall programmes an evening of live performances that occupies all of the spaces of the house. Exploring ideas of altered states and ritual present in Joachim Koester’s large scale exhibition, Bringing Something Back, Norwegian artist Jenny Berger Myhre brings her disjointed collage of field recordings and voice fragments, US/Navajo Nation artist, musician and Postcommodity member Raven Chacon draws on a history of noise practice and social music in his work, and Danish duo G. E. K. (Gud Er Kvinde), the alter ego of Johannes Lund & Maria Bertel, present their intense entanglement of improvised saxophone and trombone. Closing the evening will be a performance from NaEE RoBErts, one of Norwegian artist Sandra Mujinga’s many aliases, accompanying a special screening of Koester’s video work The Place of Dead Roads, as well as a DJ set by Mujinga’s 9Djinn project. Spend the evening drifting through the house, taking in the music in all its spaces and seeing Koester’s exhibition in a new sonic light.

The Danish saxophone player Johannes Lund forms the duo Gud Er Kvinde together with the trombone player Maria Bertel. G. E. K. push their instruments with a tangle of structures that creates the core of the duo’s music. G. E. K. are part of the essential experimental music scene inCopenhagen. The band members have put out several releases on the Danish collectives yoyooyoy and eget værelse, both individually as well as together.

Jenny Berger Myhre is a diverse and present musician, composer and photographer. She works with homemade instruments and instruments from the home, record players, cassette players and sounds from everyday life. Her compositions often consist of fragments from personal conversations, field recordings, guitar sketches, generative and electro-acoustic elements – with this material she puzzles together new spaces that are both abstract and real at the same time. Jenny released her first album Lint in 2017, on the British labels The Lumen Lake and Canigou Records.

NaEE RoBErts is one of artist Sandra Mujinga’s many pseudonyms. The music takes asits starting point the vernacular and references of pop music, but finds freedom in distorting the conventions by way of repetition in lyrics and usage of unexpected sound samples. NaEE RoBErts started by the artist as a method for collecting and archiving movements for her performances, but after awhile she started combining the video material with music, and found video material from YouTube. The material collected from YouTube would often consist of recordings of Congolese dancers, showing combinations of traditional and new dance techniques. For NaEE RoBErts these were interesting as visual parallels to how genres and traditions grew together and mutated inher own music production.

Raven Chacon lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a composer of chamber music, a performer of experimental noise music, an installation artist and a member of the American Indian arts collective Postcommodity. Raven has presented his work in different contexts at Vancouver Art Gallery, ABC No Rio, REDCAT, La Biennale di Venezia – Biennale Musica, Musée d'art Contemporain de Montréal, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Chaco Canyon, Ende Tymes Festival, 18th Biennale of Sydney, The Kennedy Center and among other traditional and non-traditional venues. His work with Postcommodity was recently featured in the Whitney Biennial and documenta 14.

2030 – Live meditation #1 (limited amount of places!), Upstairs
2130 – Live meditation #2 (limited amount of places!), Upstairs
2230 – Concerts start, the whole house

If you don't make it in to the meditations, the bar will be open from 20.30 and you can spend time in Joachim Koester's exhibition Bringing Something Back!

Presented in collaboration with Borealis - a festival for experimental music

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