Terre Thaemlitz Live concert + Q&A of 'Lovebomb/Ai No Bakudan’   Landmark  Artist Talk, Concert

Wednesday 17 October
The event will be in English

Bergen Kunsthall welcomes legendary multi-media producer, writer, and DJ Terre Thaemlitz for two-day residency exploring the meaning of hospitality, silence and secrecy as tools for social organising.

On the second night, Thaemlitz will perform a rare live concert - an amalgam of lecture, audio and video- of her album ‘Lovebomb/Ai No Bakudan’. (2003).

‘Lovebomb/Ai No Bakudan’ is an analysis of love as a cultural mechanism which enables otherwise unacceptable acts of violence, as demonstrated by domestic violence, a terrorist's love for her cause and America's vengeful love of freedom...

Digitally processed spoken word samples narrate various scenarios of global violence - from a posthumous association between the roots of Italian Futurism and the 1906 lynching of three black men in Terre's home town, to the social abuses and neglect emburdened on the last lingering survivors of atomic blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to Terre's personal post-queer-bashing traumas. Sharp video edits of animation, collage and found footage add new layers of depth and dark humor to the 'Lovebomb' audio project.

Followed by a Q&A with Terre Thaemlitz.

At the request of the artist, there is no post-event video or audio documentation. An interview with Laurence Rassel, Terre Thaemlitz and Landmark Curator Eva Rowson will be available online.

Part of a series of live commissions in autumn 2018 at Bergen Kunsthall exploring feminist organisational practices and modes of communication - and the structures that support these. Connecting to other parts of Bergen Kunsthall’s programme including Education, Landmark’s annual one-night festival POEKHALI! and Unge Kunstkjennere (UKK), the Kunsthall’s collective of young people.

Supported by Re-Imagine Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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