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Magic Playground is back with yet another night of sonic overdose, food, festivities and our very own in-house talkshow!

This Friday, you will unfortunately not be greeted by Mr. Glenn Kvernmo in the foyer.
Glenn has ushered you in, played games and held competitions for you every single Magic Playground for over a year now, but as the ungrateful scumperson Michael Laundry is on tour with a swedish circus this weekend, Glenn is by god given righteousness taking over as the host of Kewl Tymes!
This time, Espen Drivenes is in the limelight, and we're sure Glenn and Tariq Hindic has some good questions for him.
Also, we're superexcited to see how he'll do in "Poetry Points".

In Glenn's stead, we MIGHT get Jonas Nielsen AKA Chet Jones serenading you in the foyer, but he might not make it home from Oslo in time... We'll just have to see, and hope. (Or pray if that's your thing).

Christian Wiese, our faithfull host, will as always cook up something splendid in the kitchen. So serve yourselves a hot meal completely free of charge, sit down and watch the absurdities unfold in front of you as you ponder the question; "Why do i even bother existing when everyone here is so much better than me at it?" Don't worry, you'll figure it out.

Later on in the evening, you'll get the chance to see not one, but two really great fucking bands, both of which we've been longing to have here on Magic Playground.

First out is Howlin' Sun!
We first saw these guys supporting Electric Eye back in June, and we had a blast!
This is such a groovy band, it's a miracle if you don't get your twerk on.
Prepare to have your ears filled with gamma rays and have your feeble minds irradiated for months to come.
You're welcome.

The second band out is Drops!
Not too long ago we got a really strange message on facebook, and after a week of trying to decipher what was going on, we got it; they wanted a gig at Magic Playground!
So here they are, a relatively new band, with Mr. Pablo Tellez on the fucking DRUMS for once, Benjamin Mellingen Thuen plays the bass, and Martin on guitar and vocals.
They sound really great, and are definitely an awesome fit for the magic playground feeling.
Check out their track "Reflection" Here:!/Band/drops/Track/139085

See you lowlifes this Friday at Landmark!
And be sure to show up early to get your hands on some food, and catch the live interview with Mr. Drivenes.

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