Landscape Dramaturgy – A seminar in four parts Landscape Dramaturgy – A seminar in four parts   —  Gallery I - IV, Landmark  Seminar

The seminar Landscape Dramaturgy gives an introduction to theories circling around landscape dramaturgy and Gertrude Stein’s theories on landscape composition. We will dive into the landscape as a structural model for dramaturgical thinking, and will approach questions as how a redefinition of our use of the terms ‘time’ and ‘space’ affect the creation of contemporary performing arts, for instance by juxtaposing nature’s measurement of time led by sunlight and weather opposed to our antropocen daily life that is led by mechanisms as politically regulated working hours and economical motives.

The seminar will take place at Bergen Kunsthall as an event in our long-standing collaboration with Theatre Studies at the University of Bergen.

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