Martin Beck 13 Hour Screening of Last Night   Gallery V  Film

Join us for for a special full-length screening of Martin Beck’s 13-and-half-hour-long film "Last Night" (2016). The film features the 118 songs, in their entirety and in the order they were played at the New York dance party The Loft on 2 June 1984.

Free entry!

11.00 – 00.30 NO. 5: Continuous screening of Martin Beck’s film ”Last Night" (Free)
11.00 - 23.00 Landmark cafe: open
00.00 - 02.30 Landmark: Last Night Diskotek with Erlend Klette & Simon Alejandro (100NOK)

Landmark’s cafe is open all day from 11.00am to 23.00. From midnight in Landmark, a special edition of Disko Spesial invites Erlend Klette & Simon Alejandro as Last Night Diskotek, bringing boogie, Caribbean rhythms, funk, soul, disco and afrobeat to Landmark’s dancefloor.

Since 1970 David Mancuso had been hosting weekly parties in his own home, first at 647 Broadway and later at 99 Prince Street. What eventually became known as The Loft has a unique position in the history of modern music and dance culture. With an intimate atmosphere typified by collective affinities and with the focus on music, The Loft had no commercial agenda — unlike the discotheques that, in time, filled New York with the high-glamour and celebrity factor. "Last Night" combines a cataloguing project with an immersive experience that emphasizes the feeling of the music, using a specially adapted hi-fi system, assembled to correspond to the high-level sound experience at The Loft.

Read more about the exhibition here

Martin Beck (b. 1963, Bludenz, Austria) lives and works in New York.

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