Plattform On Circuits and Networks   Gallery I - IV  Artist Talk

Plattform: On Circuits and Networks
Saturday 17 Nov 13:00 – 18:00
Free. The event will be in English.
With Staci Bu Shea, Tyler Coburn, Zachary Formwalt, Sam Lewitt, Ellef Prestsæter, Sean Snyder, and Ulla Wiggen. The event will be in English and Swedish.

Plattform is Bergen Kunsthall's lecture series connected to our exhibition programme and wider contemporary debates.

Contemporary society is shaped by flows of capital, networks of people and knowledge, and circuits of information. The winter group exhibition On Circulation at Bergen Kunsthall presents an extensive collection of 16 international artists and works that deal with circulation as a central notion in current socio-political and economic conditions.

Join us for an afternoon to mark the opening of On Circulation, and the beginning of our winter programme of Plattform events exploring specific themes in the exhibition. The afternoon will bring together presentations and discussion with artists in the exhibition and others to offer reflections on networks and circulations of administration, materials, economies and knowledges.

The event will be streamed.

On Circulation Platform series:

On Circuits and Networks 17. nov 13:00 – 18:00
Presentations and discussions with artists in 'On Circulation’. With Staci Bu Shea, Tyler Coburn, Zachavry Formwalt, Sam Lewitt, Ellef Prestsæter, Sean Snyder, Ulla Wiggen.

On Maintaining Circulation, 24. nov., 14:00 – 18:00
Exploring, and questioning, the power structures that circulate histories and narratives. With Andrea Francke / Wish you’d been here, Anton Kats, Maia Urstad, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, and the Queer Archive, Bergen.

On Distribution, 8. des., 19:00
A discussion on self-organised distribution networks, with
artists Joar Nango and Tanya Busse, their project ’The Nomadic Library’ and more.

On Infrastructure - Keller Easterling, Medium Design, 13. jan. 19, 14:00
Renowned architect and urbanist Keller Easterling on the infrastructures, digital formulas and urban policies governing the world.

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