Lizzi Bougatsos, Stephen O´Malley, Rasheedah Phillips (Black Quantum Futurism), Moor Mother O Superman: Performances and Reading   Landmark  Performance, Exhibition

Join us for the night of live performances, accompanying the exhibition "O Superman To Girls, Tricky. I Am Here, Where Are You: On Vocal Performance"!

Free entry!

Performance with Lizzi Bougatsos & Stephen O´Malley.
Reading by Rasheedah Phillips (Black Quantum Futurism).
Performance by Moor Mother.
DJ-set by Niilas.

Doors open at 20:00.
First performance starts at 20:15.

Lizzi Bougatsos’ musical practice has been described as “percussive-minded.” Her acclaimed band of 14 years, Gang Gang Dance, was in the 2008 Whitney Biennial, and she also has a female rhythm band, I.U.D., which performed as part of Dan Colen’s solo exhibition Help! at The Brant Foundation. Her recent work ENERGY CHANCE was performed in conjunction with the exhibition John Cage: There Will Never Be Silence (2014) at MoMA. She is known for her unique vocal style and her work, whether visual or musical, often reflects the troubled state of current sociopolitical events. Her discography has been released by The Social Registry, P-Vine, Warp and 4AD. Bougatsos is currently represented by the James Fuentes Gallery, and exhibits and performs internationally.

Stephen O'Malley is a guitarist, producer, composer, and visual artist from Seattle, Washington who has conceptualized and participated in numerous drone doom, death/doom, and experimental music groups. O'Malley is a founding member of several groups including Sunn O))) (1998–present), Burning Witch (1995–1998), KTL (2005–present), and Khanate (2000–2006).

Rasheedah Phillips is a writer, lawyer and an active member of the Afrofuturist community in Philadelphia and collaborates with Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother) in the Black Quantum Futurism Collective, a multidisciplinary collaboration exploring the intersections of futurism, creative media, DIY-aesthetics, and activism in marginalized communities through an alternative temporal lens. BQF Collective has created a number of community-based events, experimental music projects, zines, and an anthology of experimental essays on space-time consciousness called “Black Quantum Futurism: Theory & Practice Vol. 1. Their experimental short, Black Bodies as Conductors of Gravity, premiere at the 2015 Afrofuturism Now! Festival in Rotterdam. Through various writing, music, film, visual art, and creative research projects, BQF Collective also explores personal, cultural, familial, and communal cycles of experience, and solutions for transforming negative cycles into positive ones using artistic and holistic methods of healing.

Moor Mother is the viscerally charged output of Philadelphia based interdisciplinary artist, Camae Ayewa. Her music is often harsh and strange, projecting both the cathartic anger of punk and the expansive improvisatory spirit of Sun Ra. Using a variety of machines, field recordings, and analog noisemakers, Ayewa constructs fractured, cacophonous waves for her words of punishing pertinence to ride. As a musician performing under the name she has toured in Europe and the U.S. at numerous festivals, colleges and universities sharing the stage with King Britt, Islam Chipsy, Claudia Rankine and Bell Hooks. As a soundscape artist she has had work featured at Samek Art Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art Chicago, and Everson Museum of Art. Her latest album, Fetish Bones, was released through Don Giovanni Records in September 2016.

The exhibition O Superman… is organized by Mark Beasley and presents a series of seminal vocal performances, artists, and audio/visual artworks, installed and enacted across all of the Kunsthall galleries and as part of a live programme in Landmark. Read more on

Live Events Programme:
25.8. 22:00 Performance with Nicholas Bullen
26.8 14:00 Talk by Mark Beasley: O Superman to Girls, Tricky
26.8 20:00 Performance with Lizzi Bougatsos & Stephen O´Malley. Reading by Rasheedah Phillips. Performance by Moor Mother
9.9 14:00 Talk by Nicholas Bullen: Into the Black Hole
15.9 21:00 Concert with Attila Csihar

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